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The Indian Snack Box - Snacks From India!


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Product Description

Well hey there buddy! You must REALLY love treats if you're thinking about starting an Indian Snack binge! We totally get that. To us, there's nothing better than curling up on the couch and munching on some foreign snack we can't even pronounce; all while doing nothing but watching a movie or two, or three. That's cool with us; we're here to make your day as comfy as possible. Let us bring the Istanbul to your doorstep through this Indian Snack Box! It includes a wide-ranging array of treats from India. One bite to another, you can jump from Bombay to Punjab to Goa and everywhere in-between; all without ever leaving your comfy little abode. This is one trip you can take at your own pace. So come tour the world with us, won't you? HINT (((you will))). ADDITIONAL INFO: Items in the photo are examples of what you may find in your box and are not exact, as items will vary from box to box and month to month. Each item is guaranteed to be made in India and no items will be duplicated. This ensures the highest level of authenticity and variation. WHAT'S IN THE BOX: 8 or more packaged Snacks that can include any of the following: Chips, Candy, Chocolates, Wafers, Cookies or Biscuits!

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