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The European Snack Variety Box - Snacks From European Countries


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Product Description

Stepping up your snack game, huh? We feel you, and we want you to know that we got your snacks covered.... and smothered, and toasted, and coated, and well you get the idea. This snack mix is filled with snacks from European countries such as Poland, Germany, Russia, Italy, Croatia, Moldova, and so many more. From bite to bite, you can jump from Poland to Russia to Italy and everywhere in between; all without ever leaving your comfy little abode. This is one trip you can take at your own pace. So come tour the world with us, won't you? HINT (((you will))). ADDITIONAL INFO: Items in the photo are examples of what you may find in your box and are not exact, as items will vary from box to box and month to month. Each item is guaranteed to be made in a European country to keep the experience authentic and no items will be duplicated unless requested. WHAT'S IN THE BOX: At least 10 (but usually MORE!) packaged Snacks that can include any of the following: Chips, Candy, Chocolates, Wafers, Cookies or Gummies!

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