• How long will it be between orders? Orders ship in 30-Day Intervals.
  • Where do you ship from? We ship all orders from Chicago, Illinois.
  • What is a Subscription? A Subscription is a recurring order that renews either monthly, in 3-month intervals, 6-month intervals, or yearly.
  • Can I stop the auto-renewal of my Subscription? Yes, you can stop the auto-renewal either at the Checkout page before finalizing the order, or in your account after logging in.
  • Are there countries you don't carry products from? Yes, some products are difficult to find, but we are always looking and adding to our catalog!
  • Do you ship internationally? Yes, but only to Canada, in addition to all US States and Territories.

Return Policy

Returns are not accepted but if your order has not shipped, and you wish to cancel, we can cancel your order or you can do it as well in your account. To have us cancel your unshipped order, email us: